ゾーン: 海外デザイナーエリア "tide"
With an eye for colour and a feel for what fits, we paint smiles on people's faces all over the world. We spread love. That is our mission. 4 brand new collections that fit each mood and every occasion make sure you radiate happiness.
出展製品 1
  • ブランド名 / 製品・サービス名 / 出展海外国名
    theo / tottori / (ベルギー)
  • 製品・サービスカテゴリー
  • 特徴
  • 製品・サービス紹介
    So we have dune it again! A completely new theo eyewear family based on the beauty of sand in the wild. Frames that settle themselves on your nose like sand after been blown by the wind: easy and naturally. Frames that fold themselves around a pair of lenses like sand dunes on beaches and in deserts. Some soft-sloped, some steep-angled, but always languid and natural in every way.

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